Why go to church? What good is church? Can’t I just stay at home and worship God on my own?

If you are looking for answers for how Jesus and God can be a part of your life, make a difference in your life, I hope that you will join us for worship. I hope that you will join us on our journey to understand how the Bible still speaks to us today and how to strive to make the Word of God come alive, in not only our lives, but the lives of others. I hope that you will join us in fellowship as we seek to support each other along our path to knowing Jesus and God better.

When I came to Christ Clarion, this past year, as the pastor, I was most impressed by the dedication of the church members. I have also very much appreciated the dedication to mission, that the members of Christ Clarion keep alive, as they work to find opportunities to share God’s love and resources with others. Christ Clarion is a place where I have felt welcomed and I believe that you will as well.

Hence, please join us for worship, Bible study and fellowship activities, where we seek to grow closer to God, each other and share God’s love with the Pittsford and Rochester area, as well as God’s larger community throughout the world.

Church should be a place where you feel comfortable asking questions about God, Jesus, the Bible and faith. As the pastor of Christ Clarion, I welcome theological thoughts and questions. Please feel free to contact me any time and I hope that you will join us on our path to knowing God’s will and love of Jesus better. God Bless.


Pastor Mark McDaniel

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